Beach and Rain

Because rain in beach is what I crave now.


Overly meaningful people are so annoying.

Like, they effort-fully try to pack profoundness in everything they say. They try too hard to be seen as caring and "deep" people. Firstly tohh some of them do not even mean 1 % of what they say. Then I want to slap them.

Then, in a day to day normal conversation, you and I might say "hey, sup" but they'll be like "oh, it's such a delight to meet you, darling. Let me tell you, child, nobody crosses paths without a purpose. Just give me a ping if ever you want to talk, I'm always right here to listen to you baby. "

AREYY YAARRR enough , I just said "HI"...



Let’s cry our heart out. 
Let’s walk away from bullshit
Let’s stop giving damn; Life is wonderful without calm.
Let’s walk into the wild and fear the light outs.
Let’s climb a tree, act a little more carefree.
Let’s Jump in the ponds and run like a happy dog.
Let’s ride a bicycle till the coast just to find a boat.                                                                                   

Let's go crazy
Let's walk for hours, days and months.
Let’s walk for miles and miles like Forest Gump.

Let’s drink till we get high. Let’s talk shit. Let’s laugh at our idiocy
Too much wine, too much whine
Let’s get drenched in the rain for good, like we ain't got no sunshine.

Let’s play in the mud.
Let’s get dirty,
Let’s look up in the sky as it pours and smile.

Let’s forget money. Forget banks.
Let’s eat like a pig
Let’s dance like an idiot
Let’s laugh like a hyena
Let’s sing out loud in the shower, Till the neighbors knocks.
Let's free ourselves
Let’s write a poem because it’s simple
Let’s draw because it’s colorful.

Let’s wish miracles never happen. Damn those miracle shits.
Let’s crib our heart out till we have nothing left.

Let’s sleep, to wake up.

Beneath Dust and Ashes

I am afraid ! I am afraid.,That I am in a beautiful chaos! This was one of those beautiful Sundays on which I sit on Mondays and brood over ..since its over ! what could be that thing ..Which u hate to do but u still enjoy doing it.What is that thing which hurts you but u still continue to do it to get the feeling of being in an immense chaos ..ya a beautiful chaos of-course .! 

I love this feeling and as Bryan says "can’t stop this thing we started"

and I wont fight in vain.....

This post is about a very dear friend, I am going to write about how I have been feeling from past couple of days. The gale song makes so much sense.

You are someone I know,I guess I am not very sure of it right now. I dont think so I know you anymore.I really dont know how people deal with breakups and I try to avoid such moments in my life.Most of the time sadly I have broken up with people whatever the reason it may be.May be I am not good enough, May be I am not worth it Or may be I dont deserve this kind of behavior .

People judge me and I am okay with that as everybody is untitled to their opinions ,I too do that to others.However I cannot take people who judge me and pretend to be my friend for nothing .I see you and I dont like you anymore and I dont like to have such people in my life .

 I am strong headed who fears nothing but losing people I love.Right now I am mad at myself about not being able to keep people at my side. 

Lost a friend.

You are free,I see you and I do not like you anymore

Homegrown-Urban Gardening - Container Gardening

I think my gardening obsession began with my mom. Thanks to the beautiful garden my parents managed to put up in ground floor house in Hyderabad ,India.

Here is the picture of something that I have managed to grow from the seedlings , not to forget to mention that I live in Dubai now and the climate here can be very harsh . The temperature in summer reaches up to 50 degrees followed by mild rain in the winters which is of much relief .

Anyway, since my childhood I have always managed to have a sprig of something growing in a pot on my window or patio.  At-least, I have managed to keep a basil plant growing which has a spiritual side to it.They surely have brightened the place up and Now, in my new apartment,
I am growing tomatoes,marigold,table rose,vinca rose,dwarf lemons,Aloevera, pothos (Money plant),Kalanchoe,pepper chilles,cherry tomatoes,rotala indica,parsley, mint and two beautiful flowering cactus. I am so excited about having more space and being able to grow more of what I eat. 
This is how I stated. 
Aloevera (Recycled mother dairy Ice cream box)



A Small portion of the balcony .